A little bit about me…

Hi there, I’m Fardhani!

I work as a UX Designer at one of the fin-tech startups in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m driven to help people by improving how they interact with technologies. I finished my bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering but I have always been interested in psychology especially human behavior. That was why I pursued my master’s degree in Human-Technology Interaction at TU Eindhoven, Netherlands.

I grew up from 6 different places in 3 islands, my ability to quickly adjust to new challenges in life comes from that. Owing to my diverse upbringing, I embrace all cultures and try to apply them to the design process. I also love to hear people’s stories to connect with and to learn from them. I consider everyone around me a teacher, each with a different lesson to offer. Growth and adaptability is my daily attitude, I’m constantly learning new things and challenging myself every day. During my free time, I love to spend time with the loved ones, hiking or just to be in nature, taking photos or editing videos.

Oh, have I told you that I love to cook and can speak a little bit of Dutch? 🙂